SPECTRUM is an at risk preschool program for children three to five years of age who reside in rural Champaign County.  The program serves children who have a variety of needs, including those who would benefit from a preschool experience before kindergarten in order to increase their academic readiness skills.  Spectrum is a grant funded program and all students must be screened for risk factors and not all students will be offered a spot within the program.  Our program uses the Creative Curriculum, which is research based, to deliver content packed with academic/social-emotional/cognitive learning.  Spectrum is a 2.5 hour program with classrooms in Thomasboro, St. Joseph and Unity East.  Questions pertaining to the Spectrum Program can be directed to Jennifer Armstrong at armstrongj@rccsec.org.




SPECTRUM Employment Opportunities

Early Childhood Teacher



Screening Registration

Screening Dates:

8/20/2024 St Joseph

8/22/2024 Unity East

8/27/2024 Thomasboro


Please click the link below to schedule a screening.  CHILDREN MUST BE AGE 3 BY THE SCREENING DATE.  Please note the dates/times are location specific and you should only register for one date.  There are three slots available for each time listed.  Choose your time slot click "submit and sign up" at the bottom of the page.  Complete the name, email, address, phone, student name and click "sign up now".  You will receive a confirmation email for your records.  




Need to cancel your screening date?  Refer to your confirmation email and click "edit my sign up" at the bottom left.  Click "delete" then click "yes, delete" to confirm the cancellation.

Need to reschedule your screening date?  First delete your existing screening date by following the directions above.  Then register for a new screening date.