Governing Board

The Governing Board serves as the legal and fiscal entity of Rural Champaign County Special Education Cooperative. One member of the Board of Education of each Member District shall serve as a member of the Governing Board.

RCCSEC Governing Board Members

Fred Koss Chair Tolono CCSD #7
Roger Quinlan Vice-Chair Rantoul Township High School Dist. #193
Karen Morgan   Thomasboro CCSD #130
Corky Emberson   Fisher CUSD #1
Curt Elmore                         Heritage CUSD #8
Tom Fultz   Ludlow CCSD #142
Brooks Bennett-Miller   St. Joseph CCSD #169
Traci Harris   Gifford CCSD #188
Chad Goldenstein   Prairieview-Ogden CCSD # 197
Kathy McCormick   St. Joseph-Ogden High School Dist. #305

Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of the Superintendent or his/her representative of each member district.

RCCSEC Executive Board of Directors

Todd Pence Vice-Chair St. Joseph CCSD #169
Tom Davis   Heritage CUSD #8
Barbara Thompson   Fisher CUSD #1
Jeff Isenhower   Prairieview-Ogden CCSD #197
Brian Brooks   St. Joseph-Ogden High School Dist. #305
Jeff Graham   Ludlow CCSD #142
Tanya Turner   Rantoul Township High School Dist. #193
Jay Smith   Gifford CCSD #188
Bonnie McArthur Secretary Thomasboro CCSD #130
Andrew Larson Chair Tolono CCSD #7

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For the duties of the Governing Board and Executive Board, please refer to RCCSEC Joint Agreement